8 ways to save water this holiday season

festive water saving tips

The holiday season has arrived, which for us at WaterSignal means even more ways to save water! When preparing for the holidays, save water and money with the following 8 water-conscious tips:

1.) Use recycled paper products

Producing products made from 100 percent recycled paper requires much less water than products made from virgin paper.

2.) Check the bathroom equipment for malfunctions or leaks

During the holidays, the bathroom is probably harder to use than usual and thus more prone to problems. A faulty toilet valve can waste up to 200 liters per hour!

3.) Replace the meat with vegetables

When planning a meal, consider switching from a meat dish to a vegetarian. Nearly eighteen hundred gallons of water are needed to produce a single pound of beef.

4.) Do not use water to defrost food.

The safest and most effective way to defrost food is to put it in the refrigerator.

5.) Cook food in as little water as possible.

It also helps preserve the nutrients in the food.

6.) Use the dishwasher

Do you have an Energy Star approved dishwasher? Save water by operating the entire dishwasher, not by washing your hands. Don’t have an efficient dishwasher? Wash the dishes in a partially filled sink and then rinse off the spray on the tap.

7.) Wash the vegetables in a pool

Instead of letting the tap run to rinse the vegetables, rinse them in a pan or a basin with clean water.

8.) Monitor your water consumption

For added security, consider using WaterSignal’s breakthrough water monitoring technology. If a leak or anomaly occurs, the device will immediately notify you that a water peak has occurred above the preset limit. Alarms can also be sent via SMS and email for quick analysis, and alarm hours are fully customizable.

And finally: be safe!

If you plan to hold a gathering that brings together people from different households, be sure to follow CDC guidelines.

Happy Holidays!


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