How these Gurugram students recycled 1 thousand gallons of water in 15 days

How these Gurugram students recycled 1 thousand gallons of water in 15 days

Water scarcity is a common phenomenon in India, especially in summer when groundwater levels are depleted in both urban and rural areas.

It is used by citizens in urban areas RO (reverse osmosis) filtering machines that waste three times the amount cleaned. To protect this wastewater, some 10th grade students Gurugram they came up with a simple solution.

Aditya Tanwar, Arjun Singh Bedi, Kuiya Khurana, Mohammad Umar and Piya Sharma from Shiv Nadar School (Gurugram) for their 10th grade project focused on “water wastage from RO systems”.

“One of our main concerns was the rapid depletion of groundwater. While it all started as a school project, we soon realized that we could come up with something that could have a huge impact on water conservation. Better India.

At the time of the epidemic, when the World Health Organization (WHO) made 20-minute hand washing mandatory in the COVID-19 directive, students drew attention to finding a solution to this problem.

This is the team that is also known asLiquid force, “they came up with a solution that diverts wastewater to the kitchen faucet, which is reusable.

“We were shocked to find that a stand-alone RO wastes three liters of water for every liter cleaned. Our first step was to design a prototype and test several prototypes in our school, including testing various pins and motors to get the best possible setup. ”The students said News 18.

THE Shiv Nadar School funded the design of the teamwhile teachers helped with the process from design to implementation, the students said.

The project was initially successfully implemented on the school grounds and was followed by homes of friends and relatives to further test the effectiveness of the solution. Students were also placed in other public places that helped save 900 liters in the corner of Tamil Nadu Dosa, 150 liters at the Saumya Ayurvedic, and 300 liters in the commissioner’s officeincluding the a daily.

The plan was developed as part of the school’s annual celebration –Colloquium ” where students with different skills work together to understand similar problems and find a solution.

The team managed to save one liter liter of water just 15 days.

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