Summer water-saving fun with Wayne Drop

June 29, 2021

Don’t you just love summer ?! Pool time, fun, games … and of course water conservation !? Wait, what ?! Yes! You heard right. Saving water is important during the hot summer months, especially in the Arizona desert. Because it’s so hot here, people often take more showers or baths. Our plants in the landscape or in the pool will also use more water.

Here are some activities this summer that are fun to swim in:

1. Download my Water Saving Bingo Board and see who can get bingo first.

2. Be water-wise with your sprinkler and hose.

Minimize evaporation by watering in the early morning. Take advantage of this time to have fun in the sprinklers! We know the summers in Arizona bring the HEAT! So, if you need to cool down during the day, don’t forget to use your sprinkler in a place where your lawn needs it most.

3. Do not spill that water!

Is there anyone in your family who leaves half-drunk water bottles or glasses of water around the house? Here’s a fun game: Search the house and find as many as you can. Instead of pouring them into the sink, pour them into your houseplants or garden! And voilà, you are a water-saving machine!

4. Transfer the irrigation tasks to the flower or vegetable garden.

Give your parents a break and take over the gardening responsibilities! Remember, the best time to water your plants is early in the morning. Be careful not to spill water. A great method for this is manual watering with a watering can or hose. You can control where the water goes and avoid irrigating the surrounding areas.

Want an extra challenge?

Ask your parents to save water for cooking (water used to make pasta water or wash fruits and vegetables) and use this the next day to water the garden.

5. Are you ready to just stay cool and hang in? View Tip Tank or other fun activities on the pages of our children.

Next time, keep the water in the pool while playing!

Wayne Drop is the official spokesman for water – use it wisely. He has been visiting community events, schools and libraries for over 20 years to help with water conservation and why it is so important to our state. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, boating and sledding in the snow. You can find more blogs from Wayne Drop.

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